PCIE, et 2xPS2 PS/2-Port PC-Klaviatuur, Hiir Adapter Kaart


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€23.12 €21.97

* Kaks PS/2-port:te võite ühendada ps2 klaviatuur,hiir,kvm,Skanner jne...

* Toetab PCI-bus Power Manager Liidese Spetsifikatsioon väljalaske 1.1

* Support Windows 98SE/2000/XP/Server 2003 /Vista/7/8/10/LINUX

märkus:ei toeta MS-DOS.

Pakett hõlmab:

1 x PCIE, et 2xPS2 kaart

  • Liidese Tüüp: PCI Express
  • Pakett: Jah
  • Brändi Nimi: IOCREST

Märksõnad: Ajazz, mxm, klaviatuur mechan, wireless klaviatuur, g4520, sd pci e, pci ärkaja, võltsitud hiir, ps2 usb, juhtmeta.


Sent and delivered quickly enough. So, the situation. MSI x570 unify + Ryzen 3600 (percent for upgrade, essno). Windows 7 (known trouble with USB). Divider for PS/2 ports (it would seem-here it is, a way out of the situation, right?) refused to "see" the mouse. Directly without divider, the mouse works. The keyboard works in both cases. I installed this card, put a mouse in it (in the port for the mouse). Unstable work (that is, a mouse, it is not). Turned off-turned on the PC mouse works only after several reboot, and then not always. Then he took the mouse into the port for the keyboard of this card. And everything worked, as it should be,! I put two OS-Orthodox 7 and a fool 10 (the second, mostly, for the work of USB ports), everything is fine. So if any problems with PS/2 mouse work through this card, try to connect the mouse lilac (keyboard) port. To work in the bios, you still need a USB mouse.

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