Naiste Talje Kott Puhas Must Nailon Metallist Pandla Summa Ühe Bändi Fanny Pack Bananka Moe Looduslike Koolikott Kõht Band Vöö, Kott


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€31.18 €14.34

  • Kuju: padi
  • Kirje Pikkus: 38inch
  • Stiil: Mood
  • Toote Tüüp: Talje Pakki
  • Kasutamine: Sisaldab rahakott telefonid ja muud esemed
  • Suurus: 38m*16cm*13cm
  • Muster Tüüp: Tahke
  • Materjali Koostis: Nailon
  • Avada tee: tõmblukk
  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)
  • Omadused: Reguleeritav
  • Peamine Materjal: Nailon
  • Kohaldatava sugu: Emane
  • Jõudlus: Veekindel turvalisus
  • Sugu: NAISED
  • Brändi Nimi: qingguilv
  • Bilansiline meetod: Vöö -, diagonaal -, õla rihm
  • Rihm Tilk: 78cm

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Kelemberdiev N
Thank you, the bag is good, but in the photo the seller seems deep and roomy, but in fact very narrow
Asatiani Elene
The quality of the bag is good. But this is not the bag that is in the photo. Differs the nylon itself, more matte, other "dogs" with a zipper, the back zipper is generally metal (maybe for the best), in the original-plastic. Lining is matte, in the original-silk with a logo, and inside in the center there, too, sewn the company logo, unlike the one they sent. Well, there are no inscriptions on the belt, unlike the original. In general, the bag is strong, high-quality, but somehow I feel cheated... If you don't care about such little things, then I recommend it.
Lera 2899
The bag came to Almaty for 65 days, which is long enough. The characteristics correspond, the packaging was whole, as well as inside was packed in another transparent bag. I'm happy with the purchase, all the little things I need to go shopping or on a trip, it is very convenient to fit in it. I noticed that the iron fastener on the belt is a little gremite. Otherwise, everything is fine. Thank you seller.

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