GOBYGO Jalgratta Vänt Lemmikutega Eemaldamise Remont Extractor keskjooksu Eemaldaja Jalgrattasõit Crankset Pedaali Eemaldaja Jalgratta Tool Universal


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€8.56 €5.90

Toote Kirjeldus

Multifunktsionaalne Vahendid



◆ Sobib jalgratas mountain bike vänt, mida kasutatakse, et kõrvaldada ruudu ja ik tüüp vänt

◆ Kõrge kvaliteediga terasest materjali saab olema stabiilne ja vastupidav

◆ Ultra tugev vääne võib olla kasulik ja vaeva säästmiseks

Tehnilised andmed:

◆ Materjal: Teras

◆ Värv: Hõbedane


◆ Suurus: Umbes. 7.7 cm x 1.9 cm

◆ Hexagon Socket Varruka Sisemine Läbimõõt: Ca. 1.4 cm

◆ Must Mutter Kruvi Keerme Läbimõõt: Ca. 2.1 cm

Keskjooksu :

◆ Suurus: Umbes. 5cm x 3.1 cm

◆ Splined Keskjooksu Ümmargune Ava Sise Läbimõõt: Ca. 2.3 cm

◆ Nelinurkne Ava: U. 1.3*1.3 cm


◆ 1* Jalgratta Vänt Eemaldaja

◆ 1* Keskjooksu

Toote Ekraan

  • Materjal: TERAS
  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)
  • Pakett Sisaldab: Keskjooksu ja Jalgratta Vänt Eemaldaja
  • Tüüp: Multifunktsionaalne Vahendid
  • värv: HÕBE

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The product arrived without problem, precisely what I expected, thanks to the seller.
Marina Tar51
Delivery to the center. Russia (Kostroma) 18 days to the store 5KA. With the seller did not communicate, because there was no need. I already took out 3 bicycles, while the rules. When removing the connecting rods, you need a washer or something similar, otherwise, the rod of the puller begins to fall into the threaded hole of the connecting rod bolt. When untwisting the carriage Cup so the puller don't chatter, you can fix the long bolt into the threaded hole of the fastening bolt of the connecting rod (photo to make forgot)). In the work of norms, if you do everything neatly, do not allow the removal of the puller when screwed into the connecting rod and other moments. (with Duri and P... Xun can be broken). When installing the carriage, I lubricate it with calcium lubricant (Ruby 1520, not advertising, it's just that I work with it), when installing the connecting rods, I also handle the seat with a lubricant (do not pick up, in the subsequent it is easy to shoot). I took for 252 rubles, the discount was 168 rubles per order to the store 5KA. I do not know anyone like, but personally to me, a great set. In the store they cost both 720 rubles (Lorak trade).
Quality is average, its price is beat off, on arrival immediately checked-untwisted the pedals and disassembled the carriage. Its functions are performed. For home use is great. Thanks for your nice price
Angel93mix 93
Fast delivery, in appearance all good, heavy, I hope everything turns out when parsing and installing, thank you.
Works like a charm, delivery within a week to Israel , thanks . My bike- Merida big nine 40

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